*Who I Admire*

Last night JJ and I were sitting in bed laughing our heads off at funny pics of Jake Heaps being "athletic."

Somehow, JJ came across a funny video of President Monson singing "For a Utah Man am I."
Okay, he's seriously the funniest guy.

President Monson sings Utah Man!

I admire him in every way. His sense of humor is SO great!

I also admire people who overcome their struggles. Okay, Demi Lovato? WOW! Her voice gives me chills. Is it lame to say I've cried while listening to her "Skyscraper" song? The fact that she publicly overcame an eating disorder then wrote this song totally moves me.

Music is amazing. I feel happy I'm studying its depths in every corner. What I read this past week about J.S Bach is that:

"Music's sole purpose is to glorify God and for the edification of man."

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