Wow, it sure has been a while hasn't it? Well, that's school for you! I'm grateful I actually have a life not to blog everyday.

So.....since August

-I started school and I'm going crazy. It's my LAST YEAR! I love being busy though, I'm practicing the piano around 24 hours a week and learning amazingly DIFFICULT pieces. I love challenges though and it's good for me. 17 credit hours sums up my life. 

 -JJ's brother Phil got engaged.....sometime next summer? Let's hope the weather doesn't act up, it hailed in August last year! 9 months to gooooo! (JJ and I made these tacky little cupcakes......)

-We celebrated our one year anniversary in Park City. It was beautiful and classy. Deer Valley Music (Phantom and Wicked) and pricy Italian Cuisine (we also stayed at the Peaks lodge).

-I'm back to competitive racing. I ran my first 5K today in over a year without training. JJ ran it with me (well he STARTED with me...then fell behind) haha! It was the DIRTY DASH! a 5K with mud obstacles...FREAKIN' HARD! I WON the entire thing (FIRST PLACE OVERALL even over boys!). I guess I have not lost my groove after all regardless of 2 surgeries in five months. ;) I paced a 7:00 minute mile. SO HAPPY!

-JJ is applying for business schools. Most likely we'll be moving to Cali to attend Stanford, USC, or Berkley. VERY exciting to escape this FREEZING state!

-JJ and I are on a softball team and it's lot of fun with friends. It sucks though, the last 2 games we've lost by ONE point. Oh well, I think our team is amazing. We never practice so you can say we're all naturally athletic. I learned all you need in baseball is TORK and GIRTH! Speed doesn't matter much. All the ppl we played who hit home runs weighed at least twice as much as me (even the girls)!! Let's just say my sweet spot is left outfielder and base stealer.

-The Utah Utes killed BYU in football. It was funny to see my sister and bro in law leave the party early and cringing the entire time!

-I get to play at a corporate event tomorrow! Let's just say for two hours of playing, it will pay off a month of bills! :)

-Rascal Flatts was so fun! I went with my sisters and mom and we are all CRAZY! We got into a fight with this psycho chick with a mustache who bitched about us being loud at a concert. REALLY? I told her where to go. Coming from a large family you're not afraid to be outspoken. My sis Amberly pointed out we're all as crazy as the Kardashians only sober. We would make a great reality show!

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