Since I won't have time to blog tomorrow, I'm doing it now! Tomorrow JJ and I celebrate ONE YEAR of marriage! It's crazy how fast it flew but it's been AMAZING! How do people go through life without marriage? Life would seem so incomplete!

Anyway, in 365 days I've learned this about JJ (36.5 things since I won't write 365 things):

 1-He has to make the bed every morning or he'll be in a bad mood

2-He likes boring sandwiches. Cheese, meat, mayo, mustard. His bread has to be toasted

3-He will make cookie dough any time, any hour, and eat it for any meal

4-He showers every.single.morning and irons his clothes every.single.morning

5-He won't eat dinner until he has finished his P90X workout

6-He is a comic movie nerd. Nuff said

7-He is a veracious reader

8-He writes down all of his goals and reaches them 99% of the time

9-He is a BOOB man. Some men are butt men or legs men, nah. JJ has appreciation for Ta-Tas

10-Utah football is #1. He'll sacrifice just about anything for it

11-When he sleeps, he makes a clicking sound in his nasal cavity. It's the weirdest thing ever

12-He prefers Beyonce's body over Carrie Underwood's body

13-He won't take vitamins unless I buy him the gummyvites!

14-He'll try to keep up with me on runs (good sport)

15-He's incredibly talented at playing sports

16-He loves when I wear my long hair straight or naturally wavy more than done up and curled.

17-He gets told all the time he looks like "the young Tom Cruise" or "Colin Farrell" or mixed

18-He has his "shows" but loves Modern Family and Parks and Rec

19-He will give me massages whenever I want and is awesome at it.

20-He gets mad when I use his razor

21-He hates pasta. I've made it once the entire marriage.

22-He has to sleep on a feather pillow

23-His favorite words in the english language are "dammit" and "shit."

24-He's an amazing drummer and would put Travis Barker to shame

25-He has to get his hair cut way too often. His hair grows faster in one month than mine has in 4 years
JJ's hair. He's like a chia pet (and this is short for him)
26-He despises Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift. He swears every time they come on the radio

27-He is the most impatient driver ever. ROAD RAGE. He'll honk at anyone. Even poor, old granny

28-He hates that I love to watch E! and reality TV makes him sick (unless it's AGT)

29-He loves my lemon oreo balls and my homemade tortilla soup

30-He hates eggs but eats my breakfast burritos

31-He won't fight with me, just disagree. We've never had a fight. He's too soft spoken

32-Reverse psychology is the best tool on him. He's very stubborn (but a softie too)

33-He gets really jealous if I talk to boys or if I'm with girlfriends too much (he's really protective) :)

34-He plays on his phone at church even though it pisses me off

35-He's not afraid to let people know how he feels. You'll know right away if he doesn't like you

36-He makes fun of me because I don't know the lyrics to any music. I just mumble

36.5- He hugs and kisses me every.single.morning.day.night.

WE ARE STILL NEWLYWEDS and LOVING IT! We couldn't be more in L-O-V-E!

(Our marriage is better than theirs was in the reality world. We'll also never have a fight on what "chicken of the sea" is! THANK HEAVEN for REAL-ITY)

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  1. Oh my gosh!! That was so sweet and funny, I even cried at the end (t's the hormones, sorry!) love you and happy first anniversary! Wendy and fam.