*Miracles Happen*

I've had a few realizations lately that the Priesthood is a powerful and important tool. I'm proud to say that I have a husband who honors it. 

In April, I had to undergo a horrific abdominal surgery due to ovarian cysts. Two cysts the size of grapefruits had grown in my ovaries.

As they grew, the cysts stretched out and lopsided my ovaries causing my ovulation process to be stopped. For those who know, that can cause infertility.

As I stressed out and the option of not being able to have kids (and was told by my doctor my ovaries were highly damaged), I came to realization that everything was out of my control and the only person who could help me was Heavenly Father. 

 I asked my husband to give me a Priesthood blessing. In the blessing I was told to be comforted and the Lord was mindful of me and my desires to bear children.

I went into my surgery and I had peace. The doctors opened me up and my two cysts the size of grapefruits disappeared entirely. No. trace. whatsoever.

 The doc said they were gone and she believed it was a miracle from heaven. I told her it was a miracle from Heavenly Father.

The Priesthood is amazing and I'm glad I have a husband who lives worthy to hold it.

I'm going into surgery again today. I know Heavenly Father will be with me as long as I believe. 

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