*When Life Throws You Lemons*

So next month my beautiful blonde friend, Jami is going to get married! 

Tonight is her bridal shower and her wedding colors are yellow and gray and she will display a bunch of lemons. I was asked to bring a dessert!

Well, I was feeling a little adventurous and since I make the same desserts all the time, I decided to invent my own (well, I hope it's my original idea).


You will need:

1pkg vanilla oreos
1 8oz pkg cream cheese
20 drops lemon juice
1 pkg white chocolate almond bark
2 drops yellow food coloring
1 lemon grated
a splash of water

1 pkg vanilla oreos with 8 oz cream cheese (softened). Add 20 drops lemon juice to mixture. Mix again.

put in fridge until the mix becomes hard enough to mold.

Mold mixture into round balls and set apart on a tray. Put in freezer for 10 minutes

Microwave 4 blocks of almond bark in 15 second intervals for 1 minute until smooth (no chunks) 
(Leave out 3 blocks of bark to color yellow)

Take mix out of fridge (make sure it's hard). Place toothpicks in each ball. Dip each ball into the chocolate and place on a tray. Wait until the white chocolate has hardened. 

Yellow Lemon Drizzle: 
Take the remaining 3 blocks you set aside for coloring. Melt for 30 seconds, stirring at 15 second intervals. When smooth, drop 2 drops of yellow food coloring. This will change the consistency of the yellow chocolate. Add a little bit of water. Microwave for 12 seconds on high. Stir well. Lightly take toothpicks out of oreo balls. Drizzle lightly with a fork over each oreo ball. 

Grate the lemon and sprinkle the rind over the balls while the drizzled chocolate is still wet to make them stick. 

VOILA!! They are pretty amazing if I do say so myself. MELT IN YOUR MOUTH!

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