Skyline's MC Crew Reunites!

See all these girls? Well, these are my chicas from high school. Only half of the crew is in this pic, but we were known as "Jessie and the Rippers" and "MC (Meier's Chicken) Crew" (Emily Meier was in our crew). 

Our crazy nights consisted of pranking, toilet papering, putting tampons with ketchup on people's cars, mooning, and walking around town with mannequin  heads tucked into our hoodies (geraldine tapping). Yet, we all still managed to have hot boyfriends. Weird, I know.

We all finally reunited after 2 years! These girls were there with me the first night I met my husband!

Brooke (B-rok) just returned from her 18 mo. mission in Pasadena, California (HENCE THE REASON WE GOT TOGETHER! CONGRATS BROOKE!). She can speak Spanish better than a native mexican! Witty and smart! She's HOT and SINGLE!

Jami (Jami -D) returned from a mission in Fresno, California in February and you guessed it. She's already engaged! DUH! Jami, Me, and Brooke were all roomies! Jami had a date EVERY night.

Lili (Futon) has been living in PROVO hell the past 4 years and is now graduated! She's dated Cobra Starship's Gabe Saporta recently and she's headed to L.A. to be an editor. She's met every celeb. She's HOT and SINGLE! She'll make you pee your pants laughing.

Jen (J-Gas) has been married for a year and is a graphic design guru. She's the creative mind with the quick wit. She'll also make you pee your pants laughing.

Brittany (B-rit Ahlman Joy) is me! I'm the gullible and ditzy (The cheerleader) one who doesn't mean to be flaky! I'll be the mom who loses her child at the grocery store or runs her into the guardrail on Wasatch because she's texting. (Wait, that already happened).

LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!!! Here's to more crazy SUMMER NIGHTS!!!!

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