A Pecular People

My entire life I've been a member of the LDS (Mormon) church. Growing up, I've seen it has been both accepted and rejected. I've have many close friends who have left the church and also many who have become leaders in it. I believe living the Mormon lifestyle is difficult for many, but I think those who stick to its principles end up living happy lives. It creates a "peculiar kind of happiness." 

Being a Mormon requires large amounts of discipline but it is so fulfilling to set unordinary goals and achieve them. That in itself contributes to self-esteem. After all, it is not the easiest thing to take the "road less traveled" as the great poet, Robert Frost once put it.

What's peculiar about us to people? we....
-Avoid Drinking
-Avoid Smoking
-Avoid dangerous lifestyles
-Avoid sex before marriage, practice monogamy during marriage
-Achieve your education
-Give up 2 years of your life (men) to serve others at age 19. 18 mos. for woman age 21.
-Go to 3 hours of church every Sunday
-Avoid recreational activities on Sunday, meditate, be with your family
-Hold leadership positions
-Give public talks in church at age 2
-Visit and teach people in need
-Wear garments, be modest.-outer symbol of inner commitment
- Go to temples and perform SACRED, not SECRET ceremonies
-Stay out of debt
-Pay 10 % of income to build up the prosperity of the church (charity, temples, humanitarian aid, missionaries etc.)
-Try to live the way Jesus Christ lived and treat others the way he treated people

According to a boy I met on a plane, I'm a "straight edge." He was a catholic from Boston and was FLOORED I had not tried anything (drugs, sex, alcohol)! He was so interested in my lifestyle....because it's different. It's a good kind of different. I'm happy to be a Mormon and I know Jesus Christ loves everyone and gave these laws to protect people, not to restrict them.

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