*My Summer Reads*

I wouldn't really consider myself a book person cause  I just don't have the attention span! Just like movies, I usually experience the beginning and fall asleep by the end. I'd rather read music!

HOWEVER, I can't put these two books down!! I can sit out by the pool with my SPF 4 for hours at a time and simply get lost in these books:


This book is phenomenal! Dale Carnegie is a damn genius. He suggests to avoid criticism, condemnation of others, and complaining. He encourages giving honest and sincere appreciation and forgetting flattery. He claims that the only thing people want is to "feel important" so treat them like they are!

I have a profound fascination for history and people who were important in history. Debussy was an interesting character. For those who don't know, he composed "Claire De Lune."

He had three love affairs and one time in addition to a love affair he had on his wife. After she found out about the affair, he witnessed his wife attempt suicide with a revolver to the chest. He still walked away from her though she lived. He was actually kind of a bad person!

Yet, he composed all his great music during the years he was faithful to his wife. Imagine that? Live right and succeed!

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