*It's My Life*

It's amazing how possessing gratitude can change your life. In the last couple of weeks, I put it to the test and I dare say it's working. Though I've made MANY MISTAKES and I am EXTREMELY FAR from perfect and will be for a long time,  I've found that having gratitude changes your perspective on life, people, and yourself. Life becomes richer and you discover the precious gift that LIFE actually is. 

When I was in Lake Powell this past week, I got sad news that a boy who lived nearby my parents committed suicide at the young age of 22. I also had a dear friend 2 years ago who took his own life the day after his 24th birthday. These experiences were very difficult to take in, but at the same time they strengthened me. They made me want to live a happier life and get the most out of my years on earth.
Bo Pennington 6/11/11
Clayton Hanks 9/25/09

Since Bon Jovi is my favorite band, I decided to take one of my favorite songs and arrange it on the piano. Due to a lack of time, I literally made up the arrangement on the spot with ONE recording. It's obviously not edited at all, the piano is out of tune, and the arrangment is amateur but I enjoyed the small moment.  

If you're feeling hopeless about life, watch this video I made. I hope I can help you change your mind.


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