*It's Brittany _______!*

Your hair? Blonde (Now) and mousy Brunette (naturally)
 Your favorite food? Salmon

Your favorite drink? Diet Mtn. Dew

 Your dream/goal? Make a difference with my music. Have a family. Show others true happiness. 

Your hobbies? Piano, Singing, Running, Wakeboarding, Soccer, Blogging, Playing Sports.

Hidden Talents/Bragging Rights?  I'm super competitive and athletic. Running, Soccer, Softball, Basketball, Painting, Acting, Singing, Kickboxing. Finding great deals, traveling.

Interesting fact? I was on the Sean Hannity Show and I'm not afraid of speaking my mind.

Secret Obsession? Country stars, Celebrities, Fitness and achieving a perfect body.

Recent Accomplishments? Became a certified personal trainer.  
Your fear? Having my child die before I do.

Closest Friends? BFF= Lauren Peirce, Kayla McColm, Brittany Clark, Jennifer Gasser, Brooke Kimball, Lili Walker, Jami Dunford, Maria Bylund, Dani Mickelson. 
Sport's teams? Utah Jazz, Utah Utes, Anaheim Angels, LA Dodgers, Real Salt Lake

Your favorite color? Turquoise. Has been since kindergarten when I got my first set of crayolas.

Travel Destination? Hawaii, Florida and Bahamas

Republican or Democrat? Moderate Conservative Republican

Pro Gay or Anti-Gay? Neither. I'm Pro gay civil rights, Anti-gay marriage
Singer/Band? Britney Spears and has been since age 11. Next is Eve 6, Bon Jovi, Jimmy, Journey.

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