*He's Just Not That Into You"

 "If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it."-Beyonce
 In the last year or so, I've dealt with way too many friends (girls and boys) who have called or text me asking me about advice on their relationships. Why do they call me? I have no clue. I'm NO expert by any means.

However, of those who have called to talk (girls and boys) have complained as to why they are not yet married.
 Most of my friends who call me for "advice" have dated their significant other for close to or over a year which is naturally the time people complain about not having a ring yet
They complain that they themselves are ready but they want to give their gf/bf more time to:

"buy the ring," 
"get better off financially," 
"get to know them better," 
"wait till he/she is out of school," 
"wait till they are more mature for marriage," 
"Wait till he/she is committed"
"Wait till things get better between family"
"Wait till the right season" 
or if..
"I'm just trying to be patient.."
"I'm trying to give he/she space"
"He doesn't believe in marriage"
"Wait til...blah, blah, and blah"


These excuses are BS. Don't buy into ignorance. If you've dated longer than a year and your bf/gf keeps making excuses about not getting married "now," then he/she is just not that into you.


If you've really made the effort and he/she won't marry you, Muster up some courage and MOVE ON to someone who does want to marry you!
Read this short excerpt from "He's Just Not That Into You": 
Why He's Not Marrying You
scroll down to pg 84


  1. AMEN!!! I have been asked for this type of advice even BEFORE I got married! Where theres a will, theres a way!

  2. For sure! It seems like the people who don't get it continue to get stuck in those relationships until they end up breaking up! And those who do get it are engaged or married! WOO!