* A Few Things*

First, I am SO STOKED about a new purchase of ours, yes debt free. Yesterday, my mom called and said that there was a brand new $2,000 Nordic Trak treadmill that someone had just dropped off at the Sugarhouse D.I. and they were selling it for $85! I was over there in 10 minutes and FELL IN LOVE. The worker knocked it down to $75 for me. I was on my way!

If there's anything I love more than being active and running, it's piano ( & JJ, of course). But that's it. The Haglunds are in HEAVEN!!! (Check out the full story at my Blog, BBB:Brittany's Bombshell Bargains.)

Second, I had the sweetest little dream last night! I had a dream that I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with lots of brown hair and grayish blue eyes. I'm obviously not pregnant and probably won't be for a while, but it would be cool in the future if I did have a little girl as cute as the one in my dream! 

JJ as a baby
Third, we're heading to Bear Lake this weekend! It's always a fun time. We'll be wakeboarding and playing football/volleyball/golf. Nothing better than being active and getting a sexy tan!

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