*Birthdays and BFFs*

Today is my BEST FRIEND Lauren Peirce's 23rd Birthday! We've been friends since we were in the nursery together at the age of 2. I was the girl that would pull her hair but she was always still willing to share her goldfish crackers and toys with me!

Here are my favorite memories with YOU Lauren!
age 2- Nursery time

age 3- Going to your "My Little Pony party."

age 4- Chasing you with a crib pole and hitting you over the head!

age 5- Riding with you in the back of the Bradshaw's truck to get Hardees french fries

age 6- Going to my first day of kindergarten with you and getting pizza dough thrown on my head-Going to your Aladdin birthday party

age 7- Playing "jungle girls" in the field next to your house, playing "house" and you always made me be the "dad,"and playing with your awesome Aladdin and Jasmine barbie dolls.

age 8- Going to your baptism and 8th birthday party and getting tea at the Lady Elizabeth. We had dress ups and tea parties everyday after that. Chris Fowler's class

age 9-We both had a huge crush on Garrett Fisher and we wore belly shirts and GX's jeans to school. We wanted to be gangsters!

age 10-Our obsession with the Backstreet Boys began! We loved Forrest McSparran and you always wore the cutest clothes from Old Navy. 

age 11- We began soccer together and played the next 4 years on the same team. We were the "frogs" and you were a kick butt midfielder and I was a center forward. We had a huge obsession with Aaron Weymann, loved our class with Dr. Whitlock and became completely inseparable. We played ghost in the graveyard and night games like they were going out of style. I peed on Kayla's head at your B-day party.

age 12- Teamed up with Brittany Clark, Kayla McColm, Karli Nielsen, Shally Clark and made music videos and dances to BRITNEY SPEARS, BACKSTREET BOYS, N'SYNC. but the best: Pepperwood pools and ROLLERBLADING TO MCDONALD'S and JUICE TREE! HAHAHAHA, you had your huki lau party at the Valentine's house. New Years Y2K at the Hampton Inn party!

age 13- We went to different schools. You to Indian Hills, I to Churchill but we still had picnics under the tramp and played everyday. Shopping at Build a Bear and Limited Too! 

age 14-Girl's camp! Pepperwood Pool and toilet papering, oakcrest!!! Making hilarious commercials and music videos!

age 15- Going to Alta games and TGI Fridays, MSN messenger, Swimming at Dani Mickelson's pool everyday, obsessing over JC and BB, going on Trek. Peeing in the middle of the street.

age 16- High School parties, Westin Maurer embarrassing moment, almost dying in my car with Steve Bowen at the stop sign, Biology-we got the best grades in the entire class, Alta games, Mr. Packer's class and our ditzy moments! Going to hockey games and hanging out with the Jordan boys.

age 17- Talking about boys non-stop, drive-by's, watching your drill team performances Miss Human Freak Show! Punking me at Subway....

age 18- Pepperwood pool, traveling to Vegas for the 1st time together, QUASIMODO faces, working at Abercrombie and Fitch together, lunch at the union building everyday!

age 19- Pirate's Cove, playing fugitive, going to all the Tillotson mansions, hanging out with Clayton Hanks everyday and being goofy,  you put extensions in my hair, watching "The Office" everyday, watching "Mean Girls" everyday, making out with a lot of boys, sleepovers in the guest room, Las Vegas, Crashing at my pad on 3300s, eating Molca Salsa like it was going out of style. Working at RC Willey together.

age 20- Going to see Yellowcard in Las Vegas, going to the Howl up at USU and teaming up as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, chasing down mexican theives down a dark valley, studio 600. Going to Sigma Chi parties non-stop, going to Lake Powell for a week with Rho, 1am dance parties at Molca Salsa.

age 21- Going shopping and having Girl's nights at the gateway, going to the store late at night to get brite crawlers and diet mtn. dew. Hot tubbing in Maria Bylund's bath tub. Going to see Blink 182 in Las Vegas! Being a bridesmaid with you at Brittany Clark's wedding!

age 22- Wedding dinner, wedding showers, bachelorette party, you were so supportive! Girl's nights with Maria all the time! Girl's nights and dinners at the DoDo! Video Chat with your dad!

age 23- Gelato and swimming dates! You are the BEST FRIEND anyone could ever have! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! 

Have the best birthday and enjoy Europe!!!!! MISS YOU!

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