*We're Z- List Celebs!*

Last Tuesday, JJ got a text from his friend that said Mitt Romney would make a "surprise appearance" at Hires Big H. We were stoked to meet him. Sadly, about two days later, the news got a hold of the story and LOADS of people showed up on Friday!

Don't we look so happy to be in the hot sun?
LOOK! We made the NY times!! http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/26/us/politics/26utah.html?_r=1

HOWEVER, since we're his #1 fans (haha), we got front row spots for his speech. Mitt talked personally to JJ and told him that he admired The Haglund Family (Mitt served as Stake Pres. and Bishop to JJ's cousins in Belmont, MA).

Brittany and Brad Barth were there too! Republicans for LIFE!!! I got that signature for Britt since she was in the back..

For those people who don't think Mitt is a good politician, person, republican, Mormon etc. my advice to them is to read his book and meet him in real life.


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