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This past week JJ and I set of to the beautiful nation's capital, Washington, D.C.

I must say, the weather was a bit insane. We arrived and it was 55% humidity and 103 degrees! We did way too much to write about over the period of 5 days but I must admit that the visit gave me a richer appreciation for America. 

My Favorite places were Mt. Vernon, the Lincoln Memorial, and Arlington Cemetery. 

 I just have a fascination with American wars and leaders I guess. For years, I've read biographies on Lincoln and Washington, so to see them come to life through artifacts was a dream come true. Arlington was covered in head stones and I must admit was quite a sobering experience. 

I love that the east coast has so many great restaurants. Though, they have outdoor pools NOWHERE! I googled "pools in Washington D.C." and I could not find any! Apparently, people just lay along the Potomac River to get a tan...LAME!

 While we were in D.C. I met up with Kimberly Cannon. She showed me a cute town called, Bethesda, MD. We shopped and ate authentic Mexican Food! JJ and I also loved Old Town Alexandria, VA. and National Harbor.

I also tried the world famous "Georgetown Cupcakes." Though a little overrated, they were still pretty good.  

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