*Summer's Just Beginnin'*

JJ and I decided to purchase the amazing Seven Peaks "Pass of All Passes." For $80, we get to go to: Rocky Mountain Raceway, Bees games, Blaze Games, Unlimited Seven Peaks, Unlimited Trafalga, an RSL game etc.

Let's just say, we are totally set for SUMMER!

White trashin' it up at Rocky Mountain Raceway. SO FUNNY, yet SO GHETTO!

Still looks hot...

Seriously... he's trying to look ugly. IMPOSSIBLE!!! SEXY MAN!

Bees games! That's when you know school's out, summer's in!

Bre and Ryan came with us! They're so fun to double with...our favs


This was a sneak shot to get Ryan and Bre being cheesy

JJ being goofy. Typical Haglund face

THEE most beautiful night for a Bees game

 My new summer obsession is drum roll...... DOLCETTI GELATO on 900 S 900 E. SO AMAZING!!!!!! Decently priced too.

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