*Kids.... at Heart*

JJ and I love to hang out with the nieces and nephews and we are quite little kids at heart ourselves. We discovered the best deal in town.

Draper's Planet Play/Pizza Pie Cafe offers a great date deal. For blackout mini golf, laser tag and an unlimited pizza buffet, it costs $10 every Friday.

Sorry, he's a boob man....

We also probably forgot to mention we had a baby.......
Hey! That baby looks good on you!

Okay, my SISTER had a baby. Baby Benson came into the world on May 10, 2011. Such a cute and quiet little guy!

  Just like kids, we like to play outdoors on Saturdays! Hikes and morning runs are some of our favorites!

We also love hanging with the siblings (and their kiddos, until they release high-pitched screams). Ash and AJ invited us to their time share in Park City at the Waldorf Astoria condos. Beautiful views, heated pools, and fun bowling alleys...we were in heaven!
Versailles, our little model niece

Breitling, our little high-pitched screaming, curly haired nephew

Look at those eyes!

I LUFF my husby...especially in Park City

Amberly doing crafts, Jason watching sports

Versailles loves the camera

Azure loves it too! They're competing for it!

All da babays

The coolest bowling alley around. Jupiter Bowl in Park City. RITZY!

Any bowling alley that plasters Britney Spears music videos on a huge screen is my new favorite place.

LIGHT! Breit loves BRIGHT!

I think he got electrocuted!

Dance Breit! Dance!

Nice butt....oh and bowling moves

He always beats me at bowling...but hey! I broke 100!

Beautiful Park City

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