Hey MTV- Welcome to our CRIB!

JJ and I have called downtown SLC our home for about 10 mos. We were fortunate enough to live in a beautiful apartment and an old, quaint, beautiful area due to his grandpa Phillips. We live in the basement of Pop's Nana (Mom) who lived in this house 50 years ago or so. When Nana died, Pop turned the property into apartments. We are #4.

Though I do not like the RED carpet and BLUE couch (It was all given to us-came with the house BTW), I feel like we made it work the best we could.

Since I took over the house with my Victorian taste, I decided to let JJ have a "Brasil" room where we could put everything from his mission. That way, he wouldn't feel claustrophobic with my girly, floral stuff!

 I did invade his space a little. Here is my piano for now, until I can own a Steinway! My dad bought this for my mother for their second anniversary. I need my little music corner!
I have a bit of an obsession with colonial decorating. After I saw George Washington's house, I decided to copy him. I love old English stuff like tea sets and kettles as well as hand painted china. I also have always loved ANGELS! SO EUROPEAN, like in Versailles, France.

 I had to officially MTV this and show off our fridge. We're quite the healthy eaters now!
Here is our Victorian bedroom

Our Bahamas Bathroom....

And finally, JJ's Sports/Man Den/Office/Drum/Junk/Political Science/Travel Room! Bet you didn't know my husband is a KILLER DRUMMER did ya? 


Thanks for visiting our CRIB!!!!


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