*Ahlman Joys*

Summer has brought about some changes in our home and our families, yet we're holding on tight and enjoying the ride. 

JJ and I are loving married life. It is so rewarding but it is hard work. However,the Gospel and a sacred temple marriage have kept us strong. There is no other way to true and everlasting happiness without our knowledge of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

On my side of the family, my little sister Haley accepted a nanny job in San Diego and moved out there Sunday. We'll Miss her!
 Ashley and AJ had a baby, their second boy named, Benson. WE LOVE HIM! Benson is makin' me baby hungry!
 Amberly and Jason are expecting another baby girl on July 7. We're exciting for yet another beautiful grandbaby girl, BABY VALENCIA.
Eric and Preeti are beautifying their yard in their somewhat new house! And a baby Ahlman might be in the works? Eric dropped 60 Lbs and Preeti 20Lbs! GOOD JOB GUYS!

David returned home from his mission in Chicago in February. He is getting geared up to attend school at LDS Business College in the fall. He's also single, ladies!
Hyrum is a little stud in school. He has a 3.8 gpa and is kinda a techy geek. He lives on his IPAD! But he's an entrepreneur at age 16 (and he dates cute girls). Must get it from my Dad...

 Bob and Sue continue to be awesome parents. They create memories and take us to Lake Powell every year. Mommy takes care of my grandma almost daily and Dad works hard to make our home a place we want to come over for the "Ahlman Joys."


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