*Fairytales Do Exist*

Fairytales Do Exist
May 15, 2009- Brittany met JJ through mutual friends while hanging out at the Phillips cabin

May 21, 2009- Brittany and JJ went on their first date

Summer 2009- Brittany and JJ dated and were inseparable until...

September 28,  2009- JJ left to Brazil for a 3 month intership with Azul Airlines

December 18, 2009- JJ returned and the distance made their hearts grow fonder for each other

April 2, 2010- JJ proposed to Brittany at his cabin where they first met

 August 6, 2010-Brittany and JJ were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple for Time and all eternity

*You better believe fairytales exist, because my life is one. I have the SEXIEST husband in the world. Truly, my prince charming. No one can EVEN compare*

This is JJ and I

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