*Haglund Happiness*

Since I was supposed to update my blog completely yesterday and I didn't, here is April and March...

Awful April
Besides the fact it was my birthday, April totally sucked! The weather was disgusting and snowy and I had to have a horrific surgery. They removed two very dangerous ovarian  cysts and it took me forever to recover. JJ was a sweetheart though! He stayed by my side every moment. For my 23rd b-day he got me tons of workout stuff, took me out for seafood and worked on projects with me (aka the dresser). I became certified as a personal trainer so I was happy about the workout stuff. He also scoured the valley for my favorite....DIET MTN DEW! We also had a combined Bowling Birthday Party since JJ's bday is in May and mine is in April.

 Merry May
Thus far, May has been great. I got a new car, successfully accomplished myself as a performer as a co-host in the U of U piano Disney Monster Concert, finished all my finals, lost 8 lbs, started running again, JJ's Birthday, Mother's Day, accompanied great vocalists etc. AND the weather has been AWESOME!!!! SUN BABY!! We also welcomed our new nephew into the world this morning.

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