The Biggest Loser, ORLANDO!

So JJ officially bought me a plane ticket to go to Orlando with him for his job! I'm so excited because I've never been there and I've heard a TON about it. I can't decided if I want to do Universal Studios, Disney World or Sea World. I know one thing for sure....I need sun and a lot of it! I am the biggest fan of laying out by the pool and at the beach in warm and humid weather. I also know that we are going to Cape Canaveral to see the incredible NASA rockets. I can't wait!
 JJ and I both put on a few pounds since we've been married and  we're doing the biggest loser before the trip! For some reason, guys lose weight WAY faster than girls! I eat 1/4 of the KCALS he does and he's beating me! I also exercise just as much. However, we made it kinda fair. JJ has to lose 20 lbs to my 10lbs. Still! He's beating me like crazy!?! I don't understand it. I swear he eats pizza like it's going out of style.....Nevertheless, this is WAR!

Goal After Weight

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